Product Catalog

Application: Washing Machines

Buggy washer type: MSKc-25

Application: The machine is used to wash stuffing trolleys (200 liters) up to 25 pcs/hr. Provides highly effective cleaning and disinfection.

Variants of heating: electric, gas burner, oil burner or steam heating [max. pressure – 0.5 bar].

Structure: The structure is made of stainless steel. Two-mantle wash water heating system with a closed water circulation. The device consists of a washing and rinsing chamber with rotating spray arm and nozzle system and cover – lift, which transports trolley into the chamber.


  • automatic dispensing of detergent;

  • low energy consumption;

  • water savings;

  • High efficiency washing;

  • high durability and reliability of the heating units;

  • multilevel security system in operating the equipment and the cleaning process;

  • loading and unloading mechanism;

  • closed circuit of water with filtration system;

  • complete programming and controlling of the cleaning process phases .


Universal Passage Washing Machine for Plastic Crates type: MSK

Application: Device is designed for automatic washing of standard plastic crates, based on a rectangular 600×400 mm and a height up to 420 mm, and for washing covers of such containers and pallets.

Construction: Construction of appliance is made of acid-resisting steel. Two-jacket heating system of washing water with closed water cycle. W

Variants of heating: electric, gas burner, oil burner or steam heating [max. pressure – 0.5 bar].

Principle: Transport of containers performs mechanically. Washing in standard machine performs in two stages:

  • principal washing (hot water with washing agent addition)

  • final rinsing (with flowing water)


Fish washing machine

Application: The machine is used for emptying barrels with salted fish, then rinse the fish from spices used during the salting. Used in fish processing plants and distributors of salted fish.

Structure: The structure is made of stainless steel, equipped with a device draining barrels of salted fish to the tank.

How it works: The fish from the tank with brine is transported to the substituted containers or receiving conveyor. Nozzle system spray rinse fish using filtered brine from barrels. Rinsed fish can be used for further production or trade.


Washing and separating machine for vegetables

Application: Washer-separator is designed for washing potatoes, carrots, beets and other root vegetables.

How it works: Root vegetables for the washing and separation of stones goes through the chute to the drum stones separator. Stones sink to the bottom of the drum and the inner coils are transported to the trash. The rotating drum with the basket, using grabs throws stones at the gutter outlet. The further process of washing vegetables takes place in the back of the cabinet. As a result of pushing by the paw, mutual friction and the action of water, dirt falling by the the bottom of the rod into the gutter, where it is excreted in a continuous manner. While clean vegetables are scraped  at the final conveyor where they are transported outside the machine.