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Application: Paddle mixers

Paddle Mixer

Application: The paddle mixer is intended for mixing stuffing in meat, sausage, delicatessen, fish, fruit and vegetable and confectionery plants.

Construction: Stable and solid construction made of stainless steel. The device uses a double system of mixing blades, which allows for thorough and even mixing of all ingredients of the stuffing. Hygienic and ergonomic design ensures easy operation, cleaning and maintenance. A wide range of applications due to the appropriate design of the bowl and shovels. High-quality components.

 Vacuum versions:

The vacuum is available in all offered capacities. In vacuum mixers, the mixing process is accelerated, also increasing the technological scope.

Additional equipment:

  • Loading column for 200 l trolleys.

  • Screw feeder

  • Conveyor belt

  • Automatic dosing of water, oil and brine

  • Weighing system

  • Cooling system