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Application: Ice generators

Flake Ice Generator type: WLK

Application: Flake Ice Generator is used for producing ice in flake forms. Flakes with temperature of about –9⁰ C and width of 0,8 mm are ideal for use in meat processing appliances and as coolers.

Construction: Flake Ice Generator is free-standing appliance, made of acid-resistant steel, with cooling unit built-in or installed outside of casing.

Features: Automatic protection against excessive ice in the container, the lack of water supply, phase failure.


Ice water generator

Purpose: chiller is a device used to cool running water to a temperature of about 1 ° C.

Design: The chiller is a mobile device (two of the four driving wheels have a brake), made of stainless steel. The device is equippedwith a range of electronic security: protection against phase loss, protection before running the unit without a connected water andlack of water in the tank (pressure sensor).