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Application: Cooking boilers

Small Cooking Boiler; with oil-jacketed, type: KK/e

Application: Cooking boiler is used for scalding, cooking and lard melting.

Construction: Construction is made of stainless steel, dual-jacket heating system assures uniform charge temperature, it protects from product burning and it guarantees small required amount of energy. 

Features: microprocessor control to adjust: batch temperature, oil jacket, a temperature sensor (the bar), the time operation of the boiler, the autostart function. Insulated floor, side walls, lid, drain, water inlet are standard facilities.

Variants of heating: electric,

Please note! Devices are constantly upgrading, so the specifications, dimensions and weight may be different from values ​​given in the table. Dimensions and weights are approximate and can not be the basis for design purposes or shipping. We provide details in the case of purchase.

Boiler type KK-150/e KK-200/e KK-250/e
Boiler capacity [l] 150 200 250
Overall dimensions A / B / H [mm] 860/700/950 860/900/950 1060/900/950
Internal dimensions a / b / h [mm] 550/550/550 550/750/550 750/750/550
Temperature control range [°C] 0 – 130 0 – 130 0 – 130
Boiler power (electric heating) [kW] 12 12 18
Water connection 1/2” 1/2” 1/2”
Approximate weight [kg] 190 210 240