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Application: Other machines

Cheese cube machine

Application: slicer is used for cutting blocks of cheese with maximum dimensions: Width-400 mm, height-300 mm, and cheese in the shape of a cylinder with a maximum diameter 100 mm, for cube measuring 5x5x5 cm. This allows, in turn, other devices to form a shavings. Used, among others for the production of pizzas, baguettes, cheese blocks.

Construction and operation: The design of the device is made of stainless steel.

The device consists of two units:

  • Unit of conveyor feeding;

  • Horizontal cutting section – transverse unit of knives, powered by a hydraulic cylinder;

  • Vertical cutting section – guillotine powered by a hydraulic cylinder;

  • Hydraulic system;

  • Electrical control;

The device works automatically. Cycle of action:

  1. Conveyor moves the blocks of cheese with a preset distance (10 to 200 mm)

  2. Vertical cutting section cut from blocks of pre-programmed slice thickness

  3. Horizontal section cut transversely cut off slice into cubes 50x50x (10-200) mm

  4. Cheese cut into cubes falls to dump raw gutter.

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